Ohio Controlling Board Increases Land-Grant Funding for Central State University


“Central State is an important part of the fabric of Ohio’s public colleges and universities, and its land-grant designation was a significant milestone,” Carey said.“Our next steps include helping Central State leverage the land-grant funding available to them.”

The $1.625M was moved from the FY17 budget to the FY16 budget to provide the needed state match that is required for Central State to fully access $5.1M in federal funding in FY 2016 as a land-grant university. The state budget approved in June provided appropriations for Central State in both years for land-grant projects.

State Rep. Alicia Reece, D-Cincinnati, said, "It is no secret that increasing funding for Central State University is a key part of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Action agenda. I am pleased that after several meetings with the administration and visits to the campus, we were able to come together and provide CSU with $1.6 million in order to leverage federal $5.1 million in matching funds for its land-grant status.”

In February 2014, Central State University became an 1890 Land-Grant Institution, joining 18 other historically black colleges and universities which provide leadership on issues of health disparity, nutritious food sources and environmental stewardship. The funding will enable Central State to create a statewide agricultural research and extension network that will serve farmers and the urban core on issues related to sustainable agriculture, nutrition and water resources.

The extension and research initiatives are expected to cost $10M and generate 55 jobs for the state’s economy. The Research Program at Central State University, funded by the state of Ohio and the federal government, expands Central State’s capacity as a research institution and complements the existing research being done through the University’s International Center for Water Resources Management and the College of Science and Engineering.

Central State University President, Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond said, “Central State University is pleased to have the support of Governor Kasich, Chancellor Carey and so many others at the state and federal level. The Controlling Board’s decision further demonstrates the importance of Central State University’s contributions in the future to the agricultural and economic growth of Ohio.”

Through a partnership with The Ohio State University, Ohio’s 1862 Land-Grant institution, Central State will work toward collaborative grants and establish co-location extension offices. Central State’s Cooperative Extension Program will augment the statewide extension services currently provided by Ohio State University and provide services to additional communities. These programs build on the University’s agricultural past and ensure that CSU is a significant resource for Ohio’s citizens by addressing issues that affect rural and urban families.

CSU’s Cooperative Extension Program will put personnel in 10 Ohio counties with additional field specialists on campus and available on a statewide basis. The University will also reestablish the CSU Farm – 500 acres of crop and forestland. Extension services related to soil and water quality and Geographic Information Systems will become available to farmers all over the region.

Potential infrastructure initiatives, which will be funded by state and federal allocations, include two new facilities and the renovation of a third, expanding the campus:

  • The Regional Technical Resource Center (RTRC) will serve as the primary site for administrative support of the Land-Grant Mission of the University and for coordinating extension services for regional farmers.
  • The CSU Agricultural, Food Sciences and Water Resources Field Research Center (AFWRC) will offer opportunities for researchers and students to develop their skills and share their experiences with others through research conducted at the Central State University Farm.
  • The Center of Excellence in Community, Farm, and Family Outreach (CECFFO) will operate in a renovated portion of Emery Hall. This Center will be home to the majority of extension programs and services to the citizens of Ohio.


Central State University and The Ohio State University Enter into a Historic Partnership to Serve Ohio on Agricultural and Natural Sciences Issues

Central State University and The Ohio State University will collaborate on efforts to serve rural and urban Ohio communities by creating a stronger agricultural extension network. Central State University will begin providing agricultural extension services, and Ohio State will continue its well-established extension activities.

But the agreement signed today, in a ceremony attended by 150 people at Central State, strengthens each University’s extension activities with an eye toward collaboration. In 2014, Central State received its federal designation to become an 1890 Land-Grant University. Ohio State University is an 1862 Land-Grant University. Central State President Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond noted the historic nature of today’s event for Central State University as she lauded the partnership between the two institutions. “We all have the same mission, the same vision for the citizenry of Ohio...Our state will lead others in models of service.” Ohio State President Dr. Michael V. Drake said both Ohio State and Central State are research universities and this partnership allows both institutions to jointly develop programs and support innovative initiatives. As Ohio’s newest Land-Grant Institution, Central State is expanding its mission to include new teaching, research and extension efforts in the areas of Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resources, Food Science and Nutritional Disparities. Central State University will begin to hire extension agents to work across Ohio. As part of the agreement with Ohio State, both Universities will work toward collaborative grants and CSU and OSU will seek to co-locate extension offices in some counties. Specific program areas targeted for development at Central State and expansion at Ohio State are:

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • 4-H and Youth Development
  • Family and Consumer Sciences·

Community and Economic Development The Universities are already working collaboratively on some research initiatives. Faculty in CSU’s Departments of Natural Sciences and Water Resources Management are working with faculty at The Ohio State University South Centers on research in water quality, aquaponics and they also are working to create a multidisciplinary Natural Product Research Center.



Central State Awarded a Multi-Year Grant to Support Former Foster Youth Enrolled at CSU

This Fall, former foster care youth who are enrolled as students at Central State University will benefit from a mentoring program that will help them academically, socially and emotionally.

The Emerging Scholars Program is a result of Central State receiving a $60,000 grant from Ohio Reach, a coalition working to improve higher-education outcomes for former foster youth. CSU, an 1890 Land-Grant Institution, is one of four universities to receive a multi-year grant to create a mentoring program to help former foster youth succeed in college.

Students in the program will get peer-to-peer mentors and faculty-staff mentors, said Dr. Stephanie Krah, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. In addition, they will participate in workshops, study tables and cultural immersion activities.

“We want to make sure we are feeding them holistically” from admission through graduation, she said.

Twenty-five students will start the program this Fall. William Murray, IV,

Director of Ohio Reach, praised the CSU staff for investing in a population that for a long time has struggled at the college level. Ohio Reach improves post-secondary outcomes for foster care youth and alumni through leadership, empowerment, advocacy, research and networking.

Central State University Receives more than $4M for Agricultural Research, Extension and Education

New Programs Planned for 2016

Central State University received $4.4M from the state of Ohio for agriculture research and extension initiatives as part of the FY2016-FY2017 budget bill signed by Ohio Governor John Kasich.

It is the first major support by the state of Ohio of the University’s Land-Grant initiatives. 
These funds are part of a state match requirement resulting from Central State University's (CSU) designation as an 1890 Land-Grant Institution and will fuel the capacity expansion of agriculture and agricultural related research ($1.85M each year) and extension services ($350K each year).  The University will continue to build on its highly regarded Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programming by adding academic degrees, concentrations and certificate programs in agriculture.  

Also aligning with the Land Grant mission, the University has launched a new Department of Agriculture within the College of Science & Engineering that will offer a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture (Fall 2016).  Students selecting this major will have the added benefit of participating in meaningful research, with qualified faculty, that will serve Ohio and have national and international implications.

Separate funding will enable the College of Education to establish a new School of Agricultural Education and Food Science.  Bachelor of Science degrees will be offered in Agricultural Education and in Extension Education. Additionally, a new certificate program focused on preparing students for Future Farmers of America (FFA) certification is under development.  These programs are designed to increase the talent pool of agriculture educators and industry specialists and are planned for Fall, 2016.

“Central State University is excited about integrating the Land Grant mission with our mission and appreciates the support from the state,” said Dr. Charles Wesley Ford, Jr., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  “It is because of President Cynthia Jackson-Hammond’s leadership and others who have supported Central State University that the University is in the position to impact the lives of people in Ohio.”

Central State University received its historic federal designation as an 1890 Land-Grant Institution on February 7, 2014.

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