As we embark on a frantic journey to move Central State University forward by ensuring that its six compelling priorities are met in tandem, we believe that it is critical to start thinking outside the box and embrace the new trend that is transforming education on a global scale: 21st century educational technology. Consequently, The Center for Instructional Technology Innovation is pushing hard for the incorporation of the latest cutting edge technologies into our teaching as a standard practice. We strive to offer the same level of excellence in teaching to all our students whether they study on campus or remotely.

We recognize that this generation of students is a technology-hungry student body, already spoiled with highly graphical, visually appealing, and smart gadgets that can easily steal their attention away from a dull lecture that takes them back to the pre-Windows era. We hope to increase the use of Media and Web 2.0 applications in Online Learning and in Face-to-face learning in order to increase student engagement and diversify learning opportunities.

This office hopes to eventually help every student and faculty to obtain a mobile computing device to bring to class in order to accomplish the following:

  1. For every class on the CSU campus to be taught via a computer with the content shown on a large interactive panel such as ClearTouch or Mondopad.
  2. For students to have hands-on experience and direct access to the course material while it is being presented.
  3. To promote the use of Web 2.0 technology in the classroom to facilitate learning.
  4. To get faculty to be familiar with using technology on a regular basis.
  5. To facilitate the transition of courses from a face-to-face environment to an online environment as we prepare to make a number of our most successful programs available fully online.